January 22, 2021

Technological partnership to bring a a new sovereign and ultra-competitive offer to the market

Roubaix, January 19, 2021 – To meet European enterprise and public institution security, sovereignty and resilience needs for the preservation of sensitive data, OVHcloud is collaborating with IBM and Atempo to develop a Storage-as-a-Service offering. This solution will be based on IBM Enterprise Tape technology and an Atempo software stack hosted and operated by OVHcloud in new data centers in the French territory.

With the exponential growth of data produced by the Cloud, data storage optimization has become essential, both because of costs and compliance risks. As organizations look for ways to store, manage and leverage value for this ever-increasing amount of data, Tape will play a strategic role in addressing storage infrastructure challenges.

Tape solutions offer the lowest cost per terabyte of storage available today; the technology provides the security, scalability and durability to safely … Read the rest


“What we need now, especially this pandemic, is food for poor households. Tilapia is a great commodity to our culture,” said Eduardo V. Manalili, director of the Inland Aquatic Resources Research Division of the Department of Science and Technology’s Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (DoST-PCAARRD). — NEWS 5/SHYLA FRANCISCO

The nile tilapia, introduced in the country because of its adaptability and ability to grow fast, promotes food security amid the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

“Tilapia is a hardy fish, a fast grower, and is preferred by Filipinos,” said Eduardo V. Manalili, director of the Inland Aquatic Resources Research Division of the Department of Science and Technology’s Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (DoST-PCAARRD),  in a recent presentation on commercially caught fishes. “What we need now, especially this pandemic, is food for poor households. Tilapia is a great commodity Read the rest


New offices and commercial properties will have to install better ventilation systems to help to reduce the spread of airborne diseases such as Covid-19, under government proposals.

Offices would have to have systems that can provide fresh air at 50 per cent higher rates than the existing minimum standards. This would enable an “increased ventilation rate to be used during a period when infection rates are raised, such as in a future pandemic”, according to the consultation documents.

Ventilation systems would also have to be able to prevent air recirculating between different rooms unless cleaning or filtering technology was in place.

All other “high-risk” new non- domestic buildings would also have to comply with standards to reduce “the risk of any potential infections being spread indoors”, under the plans. They would have to provide at least 15 litres of fresh air per person per second.

The sweeping proposals could apply … Read the rest


President Trump has left. A new administration is beginning. But if you’re a leader struggling with the backlash from the “candid conversations” you may have had about the January 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol and the events that led up to them, you may still be in the thick of things.

You’re not alone. 

“We have hit a nerve here,” says Michael Bush, CEO of Great Place To Work, and the author of a blog post about the riots called Don’t Call Yourself A For-All Leader if You Don’t Do These Things Today. In it, he offered good advice about how to discuss the riot with employees with an important framing: “To be honest, I’m still processing what I saw, but I’m certain of one thing: Now is not the time for leaders to be silent.” 

Evidently, people spoke right up.

His blog post saw record traffic, but … Read the rest


At the center of any digital marketing strategy is a website where prospects from various traffic sources land and interact with the business. No matter how engaging your marketing content is, users will likely click out and find solutions elsewhere if the website is not aligned with all the promotional hype. So before investing in digital marketing, ensure you have a useful and easy-to-use site set up. Here are a few tips that might come in handy for you:

  1. Simplify navigation

Navigation refers to the process of moving from one page to another on a website. If the navigation is difficult, new users won’t have the patience to continue looking for information on your website. That will increase your bounce rate and lower your SERP ranking. While it’s worthwhile focusing on being informative, it’s equally important to make it easy for users to find that information. You can do it Read the rest


Over the coming decade, the next major problem the world faces after COVID-19 remains climate change, said the World Economic Forum. Image of a flooded town in Isabela, Philippines, via PHILSTAR/MICHAEL VARCAS

LONDON — Failure to stem climate change poses as serious a global risk as the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, in both the scale of impact and level of threat, top business and other leaders warned on Tuesday.

In addition, worsening political polarization, inequality, and loss of social cohesion could undermine recovery from the pandemic and action to tackle global warming, they said.

Those pressures “will bring long-term consequences”, noted Borge Brende, president of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which released its annual global risk survey on Tuesday.

“Even if you see some light at the end of the tunnel (with the pandemic), there are still huge risks connected to the polarized and fractured world,” he told an Read the rest


The government has unveiled details of a £23m fund to support fishing firms as it tries to quell industry anger over Brexit border delays.

The money will help firms whose exports to the EU have fallen sharply since rules changed on 1 January.

Fishing firms say extra paperwork has made it difficult to deliver fresh produce to the EU before it goes off, hammering their businesses.

One trade group called the fund “welcome” but a “sticking plaster”.

On Monday, fish exporters held demonstrations outside government departments in central London, warning their livelihoods were under threat.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted many had experienced “bureaucratic delays [and] difficulties getting their goods through” to buyers on the other side of the channel.

Having left the EU’s customs union and the single market, UK exports are subject to new customs and veterinary checks which have caused problems at the border.

Covid has worsened … Read the rest


If you’ve visited social media lately—and surely you haven’t because we’re all keeping good on our New Year’s resolutions—you’ve probably encountered a sea shanty.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, a quick recap. The sea shanty arose midway through the last millennium as a breed of work-song for sailors to while away the time, forge communal bonds, and generally keep from going insane. Then a couple months ago, a 26-year-old Scottish postman named Nathan Evans sang a rendition on TikTok that made the world become re-obsessed.

The sea shanty form is particularly suited to TikTok. The youth-craze app lets people create “duets,” a feature that adjoins a video post to one already playing. In Sept., TikTok revamped the feature, leading to a renaissance of collaborative creativity. Soon after, Evans posted his performance of “Soon May the Wellerman Come,” which promptly went viralRead the rest


Technology has always played a vital role in the extensive development of mankind. From the invention of the wheel to the autonomous vehicle, and many more bespoke technologies with the potential to transform lives for the better, have been and will continue to be conceived out of our curiosity and necessity.

ECOVACS ROBOTICS, headquartered in Suzhou, China, comprehends and acknowledges the ‘necessity’ part when it comes to conceiving and delivering cutting-edge home service robotics products.

Founded in 1998, ECOVACS is dedicated to the ongoing investment of home service robotics value chain and technologies, from integration of chips and sensors to managing data and AI to drive the revolution of traditional home care to automated home care.

Pertaining to its unwavering foothold and profound expertise in this industry and global operations, ECOVACS has gained a deep understanding of user cases to offer a range of robot products, including robotic vacuum … Read the rest


There’s no question the rising rate of unemployment is one of the worst consequences of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. The number of Australians seeking work is heading towards 10%, almost double the pre-pandemic Australian average of just over 5%.

It’s well established that unemployment is associated with adverse health outcomes, but those who keep their jobs aren’t likely to emerge from the pandemic unscathed in terms of their occupational health either.

In fact, employees working under pandemic conditions are likely to be exposed to increased effort and reduced rewards, caused or exacerbated by their new circumstances amid the pandemic. This is known as “effort-reward imbalance” and it may lead to a range of stress-related diseases. While effort-reward imbalance is not a new concept, it’s particularly relevant during this pandemic.

An effort-reward imbalance occurs when an employee feels the effort they’re putting into their work Read the rest