February 26, 2021


The bamboo tree is known for being resilient. It sways with the breeze and bends when a storm comes, but it doesn’t break and remains standing tall even with the strongest wind. This particular trait makes bamboo stand out.

Amid the pandemic and natural disasters, the bamboo symbolizes Filipinos’ resiliency.


Home of bamboos

Las Piñas City, NCR’s Parol Capital, is home to three generations of parol makers who use bamboo frames. Bamboos may have grown abundantly in the area long before, as it is home to the world-famous Bamboo Organ built-in 1824.

In 2006, when Sen. Cynthia Villar was still the representative of Las Piñas, she started the Parol Festival.

Villar SIPAG Chairman Manny Villar and Managing Director Senator Cynthia Villar

She helped organize the parol makers by launching the Samahang Magpaparol ng Las Piñas. She assisted them in setting up the Las Piñas Parol Center. The center served … Read the rest


New research into the state of play for 250 U.K. business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing leaders  has revealed that over half of brands surveyed saw a rise in their marketing technology budget in 2020.

Businesses are focused on using these expanded resources to deliver for a market radically altered by COVID-19. The top concern from marketing leaders for 2021 was the growing demand for convenience and safety, more than twice the second biggest concern – the acceleration of e-commerce.

In the new year, brands are preparing to bounce back from the challenges of 2020 with a more mature, tech-driven approach to build meaningful connections with customers. Sixty-one percent of respondents pointed to increased new customer acquisition as their top business priority in 2021, followed by improved data management, optimised marketing automation workflows and better mapping of the customer lifecycle.

These priorities translate into an ambitious expansion of businesses’ martech stack in 2021. … Read the rest


Texas shows us how Donald Trump could have averted his loss of the 2020 election. But nobody’s paying attention, lost in a tsunami of outlier claims of election rigging.

Trump’s most passionate loyalists, along with Trump, cling to the claim of a rigged election. Ineffectual as a challenge, that claim inoculates Trump from being branded a loser, his worst nightmare. And, as recently noted by the New York Times, it brings Trump hundreds of millions of dollars in ready political cash, enhancing his ongoing power.

Trump partisans cite some evidence of fraud, but none of it, according to Attorney General William Barr, a Trump loyalist, was of sufficient scale to have invalidated the election results. Trump must face the truth: He lost fair and square.

Instead of complaining about fraud, Trump should have done more to energize the voters who could propel him to victory. Consider, for … Read the rest


Bowling is a sport enjoyed by millions worldwide. A permanent life insurance policy with cash value may be used as collateral for a loan. What better way to secure a loan with an insurance policy with cash value. You can walk over to your nearest bank and ask the banker how much you can get for your policy. Life insurance policies are an asset class. If this were the norm, then virtually every government entity (local, state, and federal) and private company providing health care retirement benefits would be so deep in the red it might as well be black. This change was literally done ONLY to the USPS. Now there is enough data to draw some conclusions regarding how guilty Obama is of these charges. In looking at Graph 4, you will see the shaded blocks, representing each president’s time in office, overlap the next presidents election. The reason … Read the rest


Starting a business is exciting, but before you jump headfirst into a new opportunity, you should ask yourself some crucial questions that will determine if this path is right for you. Building a small business isn’t for everyone, especially specific business ideas like in the food industry, and treating this decision lightly could lead you to a decision you might regret. 

Ask Yourself the Following Questions

How Much Money Will I Need?

Every business comes with a start-up cost, which means you’ll need to save a few dollars before fully exploring your new opportunity. On Startfromzero.com, author Dane Maxwell discusses how there are plenty of businesses you can start for free, like blogging, freelance writing, and dog training, as long as you already have the skills necessary to start.

However, there are other businesses that need thousands of dollars in start-up-costs, especially if you require factory or office space. Read the rest


Making a vehicle represents a supply chain challenge even for Apple, a company with deep pockets that makes hundreds of millions of electronics products each year with parts from around the world, but has never made a car.

Apple Inc. is moving forward with self-driving car technology and is targeting 2024 to produce a passenger vehicle that could include its own breakthrough battery technology, people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

The iPhone maker’s automotive efforts, known as Project Titan, have proceeded unevenly since 2014 when it first started to design its own vehicle from scratch. At one point, Apple drew back the effort to focus on software and reassessed its goals. Doug Field, an Apple veteran who had worked at Tesla Inc., returned to oversee the project in 2018 and laid off 190 people from the team in 2019.

Since then, Apple has progressed enough that it now aims Read the rest


More than 800,000 private tenants in England and Wales could be behind on their rent, with young people and the self-employed most likely to have missed payments, research for a landlords group has found.

The National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) warned of a “rent debt crisis” and called for government action to help struggling tenants.

A survey for the NRLA found 7% of renters had built up arrears as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, a figure that would equate to 840,000 people across England and Wales.

While the average arrears were between £251 and £500, some tenants reported that they owed their landlord more than £1,000.

Renters aged between 18 and 24 were twice as likely to have fallen behind as the general population of tenants, and the self-employed were most likely to be struggling, with 17% saying they had built up debts to their landlord.

These groups have … Read the rest


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Tonight’s the night: Saturn and Jupiter will appear closer in the night sky than they have in centuries, in an astronomical event called a conjunction.

The gas giants, the solar system’s two largest planets, will appear only 0.1 degree apart overhead on Monday. They’ll move slightly farther from each other during the rest of this week, but remain unusually close.

In the northern hemisphere, the duo can be seen shining brightly in the southwestern sky soon after sunset. In the southern hemisphere, they’ll glow in the western sky.

In reality, the planets are separated by 456 million miles of space. Jupiter, the more massive of the two, is about 550 million miles from Earth, and Saturn is roughly 1 billion miles away.

“Jupiter comes around every 20 years … Read the rest


Most business owners are hard at work growing their companies and neglect to plan for the day they must pass the business on to their families. You will be able to find many free business plan examples online but it can be harder to find a specific sample of a roofing business plan. There are some business planning software programs that you can buy but they are usually just generic business plans that have been adapted anyway. You pay 16.9% p.a. (variable) for Purchases (including Annual Card Fees, Non-Sterling Transaction Fees and admin charges for ancillary services) and Balance Transfers. The best approach to starting your own business is to research all those services or products that are required in both good and bad economic times. Governments from Russia to Peru are responding to the economic trauma of the financially vulnerable through the implementation of various policies. However, one that … Read the rest


One of the biggest and toughest responsibilities for online business owners is to generate more sales regularly. No matter what products or services you intend to offer to the public, promoting them to your target audience requires plenty of time and effort before you can see the effect.

You might choose to post regular blog updates on your site, but it may not be enough to get the revenue for your e-Commerce store that you are aiming for. When times like these happen, you should consider using the guest posting strategy to boost your marketing efforts.

Studies claim that 59% of marketers believe that using a compelling content marketing strategy can do wonders to boost online sales. With the help of guest posting, you can get more results than relying solely on inbound marketing strategies.

But what is guest posting?

If you choose the guest posting strategy, you need the … Read the rest