March 3, 2021

Business management

One of the biggest and toughest responsibilities for online business owners is to generate more sales regularly. No matter what products or services you intend to offer to the public, promoting them to your target audience requires plenty of time and effort before you can see the effect.

You might choose to post regular blog updates on your site, but it may not be enough to get the revenue for your e-Commerce store that you are aiming for. When times like these happen, you should consider using the guest posting strategy to boost your marketing efforts.

Studies claim that 59% of marketers believe that using a compelling content marketing strategy can do wonders to boost online sales. With the help of guest posting, you can get more results than relying solely on inbound marketing strategies.

But what is guest posting?

If you choose the guest posting strategy, you need the … Read the rest


By Patricia Mirasol

Plants have already solved a lot of the questions we ask ourselves how to solve. In a Business of Design Walk session entitled “Can Plants Give us New and Visionary Solutions to Design Problems?,” JA Studio’s Kigge Mai Hvid talked about drawing inspiration from the plant kingdom to create better lives for people and the planet. 

The artist and founder of the Index: Awards, the world’s largest design award, gave several examples for solving specific tasks. Solutions for cleaning up nuclear waste, for instance, might be drawn from sunflowers. Huge beds of the plant can be found thriving and offering cheer in the wastelands of Fukushima. Mangroves, meanwhile, with their capability to desalinate water, can be used to provide clean drinking water. Those looking to design structures with strength and flexibility, on the other hand, can scrutinize the pomelo. Because of its organized peel Read the rest


The mayhem in UK ports caused by the pandemic and stockpiling before the end of the Brexit transition period will not ease early next year. In fact, it will get much worse, with the potential to “kill trade and businesses”.

So warns a former Customs & Excise official who has spent 25 years advising businesses on how to comply with global customs rules.

“The first five days in the new year will be fine,” said Steve Cock, an adviser to KGH Customs, a trade consultancy owned by Danish shipping giant Maersk. “But after that first long weekend, things will get sticky. It won’t be long before lorries take 24 hours to get into the Channel tunnel.”

For years, UK businesses exporting to the EU have been able to move goods throughout the bloc without stumping up any supporting declarations.

From January 1, however, all UK firms shipping to the EU … Read the rest


No matter the size of your U.S. import business or whether you’re contemplating foraging into the complex world, your first port of call is the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The CBP is the Department of Homeland Security’s border protection agency charged with managing, controlling, and protecting U.S. borders at and between official entry ports. Its responsibilities include enforcing hundreds of regulations and enabling lawful trade. Where do you fit in?

Do I need an import permit?

Every import into the U.S. goes through CBP’s inspection, but while some commodities don’t require any import licenses, others may require them.

How are import duties calculated?

Importers need to take obligatory steps of entry, inspection, evaluation, classification, and liquidation to attain clearance. Liquidation is when the CBP officer ascertains the final rate and sum of duties on the goods. Usually, duties are calculated as a percentage of the dutiable value of the … Read the rest


Singapore is investigating 13 cases of COVID-19 infections among people who served their quarantine at a hotel along the city’s Orchard Road shopping strip.

The cases, all imported, had “high genetic similarity” despite the victims arriving from 10 different countries, the government said in a statement on Saturday. Singapore said it conducts whole genome sequencing and phylogenetic analysis on all COVID-19 cases, and it takes about four weeks to culture the virus and complete the sequencing.

The people were confirmed between Nov. 2–11 to have COVID-19, and had stayed at the Mandarin Orchard Singapore hotel between Oct. 22 and Nov. 11. They arrived from places including Bahrain, Canada, Indonesia, Myanmar, Netherlands, the Philippines, South Korea, the UAE, the UK, and the US.

“Epidemiological investigations were immediately initiated to determine if there is a potential link between these 13 cases, and to study if transmission could have occurred locally, and not … Read the rest


Organisations understand they must consider the health and safety of their employees and as we continue to come to the end of 2020 – with pandemic restrictions still in place- employers are aware they need to take greater responsibility for the health and wellbeing of their staff.

Brendan Street, Professional Head of Emotional Wellbeing, Nuffield Health looks at how the nation has collectively experienced the challenges to mental wellbeing brought about by the current pandemic. Here he says that if we act now, and act together, we can use this shared experience of distress to bring about change.

At Nuffield Health, our latest research is aimed at helping businesses to encourage empowering conversations around mental health, so more people access the support they need, earlier. Now presents an opportunity to change the nature and content of our language around mental health and mental fitness.

We believe most organisations, where possible, … Read the rest


“Leadership is about PPP-III that is professionals, perseverance and passion, where you have to have the courage to follow your instincts, ideas and imagination to the fullest,” says Dr. Tigran Haas. He is the Director of the Center for the Future of Places (CFP) at KTH – Royal Institute of Technology and Associate Professor, Reader – Tenured (Docent, Lektor – Biträdande professor) of Urban Planning and Urban Design. For Tigran, ability to learn from the past and from mistakes; strong communication skills and building sustainable relationships on all levels are the vital traits that every entrepreneur or CEO should possess.

“Cities and planning may set limits to practice, but urbanism should not set limits to endless theory and imagination”

Below are the highlights of the interview conducted between Insights Success and Dr. Tigran Haas:

Kindly take us through your journey on becoming a proficient leader.

I have studied architecture … Read the rest


The year has not gone according to plan for anyone. If nothing else, 2020 highlighted how unpredictable life can be, and many Filipinos had to live with the weight of that uncertainty. In the worst cases, many have lost jobs, even their lives.

Yet, the Filipino spirit is nothing if not resilient. Given the current state of affairs, celebrations are all the more meaningful, and with the holiday season right around the corner, there is no better time to spread joy among loved ones and ease their worries.

This is why award-winning life insurance provider FWD is offering Filipinos the most fitting gift to end the year: a convenient, affordable, and accessible way to give your loved ones peace of mind.

FWD’s Set for Health and Set for Tomorrow Short Term Cover insurance plans are now available for online purchase at, joining the lineup of best-value protection products … Read the rest


There are only hours to find a Brexit deal, the European Union warned this morning.

“Moment of truth, we have very little time, only hours if we want this agreement to enter into force on Jan 1,” Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, said. “There is a chance of getting an agreement but the path is very narrow.”

Mr Barnier spoke to MEPs with the deadline for European parliament ratification approaching at the end of the weekend. He said that the main sticking point “in the few crucial hours that remain” was the EU’s demand for a sanctions clause hitting trade with tariffs if the UK cuts access to fishing grounds for European boats

“If following a credible period of adjustment, the UK wants to cut access to these fishing waters, then the EU also has to maintain its sovereign right to react by adjusting conditions especially of products to … Read the rest


Do you feel like your e-commerce store is missing something? If so, you are not alone. There is no doubt, e-commerce stores have endless responsibilities. These responsibilities range from payroll involvement to employee oversight, to inventory management. These duties are just the tip of the iceberg. One very often overlooked task associated with e-commerce has to do with bridging the gap between consumers and products.

Unfortunately, there is no available technology that can bridge the gap between humans and e-commerce stores. In the meantime, you will need to take advantage of technologies that have been shown to improve the e-commerce shopping experience. One such technology is called “3D visualization.”

Let 3D Imaging Do The Talking

It cannot be stressed enough the importance of product descriptions. However, this data will only go so far as to show consumers how your products look in real life. Integrating the state-of-art 3D renderingRead the rest