December 1, 2020

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Insights Success admires such leaders and takes pride in featuring precious in its special edition, “The Most Admired Women Leaders in Business 2020.” The issue focuses on some outstanding women, who have attained a greater stature in their respective sectors.

Meet Precious Mayes, President, and CEO of Pacifica Hospital of the Valley, an avid and decisive healthcare leader who impeccably contributed to the evolution in this sector. Her unique ideology and methods have helped her to meet countless personal milestones as well as her company’s pathway.

Journey behind Precious’s Success

As a healthcare leader and entrepreneur, Precious’s journey has been very diverse and robust with opportunities and experiences in a variety of industries. Since the start of her career, she has always explored the impossible and with the philosophy of anything is possible. She states that another key internal driver is passion and with that personal passion … Read the rest


Ever since the entire casino offer moved online, people have more and more opportunities to explore some of their favorite games. Not only that but some of their favorite types of games have lots and lots of new variations. Bingo is certainly one of such games where this all-time favorite title nowadays has so many variations to choose from.

However, due to the wide variety of choice, some find it difficult to choose the best online bingo. With that said, here are some easy tips on how you can find the best online bingo and enjoy playing your favorite game.

Check different offers

Since bingo is quite a popular game, ever since it made its way online, everyone wanted a piece of that cake. That’s why nowadays, there’s virtually no online casino that doesn’t include this game in their offer. For online bingo players this means one thing – there Read the rest


Crowd-testing is currently becoming one of the leading and most resource-efficient ways to test various types of digital products. But how can you measure the ROI of Crowdtesting? Is it possible to calculate the efficiency of Crowd-testing? An interview with Ran Rachlin, Co-founder & CEOUbertesters Inc. by Insights Success answer these questions and much more.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

What led to the inception of the company?

I founded the company back in 2013, following a true need for a different type of software testing that I had in my previous company. In my former company, we developed a mobile app, and because of the diversity of the mobile world, we needed global testers to test for us with different devices, different languages, and carriers. We could not find a flexible and affordable solution. So, we came up with the concept of “Crowd testing” … Read the rest


“Success is about elevating others. If I can do that with great health, compassion, and some humour then that’s a job well done,” asserts Saana Azzam, whose expertise lies in the art of high-powered public speaking. Currently, Saana is the Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of the leading speaker’s bureau in the Middle East called MENA Speakers. MENA Speakers: Empowering & Educating MENA Speakers is a UAE based MCs and Speakers Bureau that educates, engages, and empowers by connecting speakers, MCs, and trainers to events, companies, and governments around the world. The company received the Best Speakers’ Bureau award in the Middle East in 2019.

Behind the Journey

Saana pursued her Master’s in Economics from the esteemed Stockholm School of Economics. Her adept skills and knowledge in market analysis, investments, research, and finance has earned her the prestigious title of ‘Female Economist of the Year’. She … Read the rest


It is an interesting stat to note that only 25% of new businesses are able to survive more than fifteen years. In a world where our lives are greatly influenced by opinion leaders and influencers, we see that content to motivate people to start a business is rolled out quite frequently. It is a hot topic and has become more relevant to us where we have seen millions of losses of jobs and closure of businesses.

It is quite crucial that long term sustainable strategies are applied. You need to have a stronghold of your affairs before you jump onto anything. You need to try to hit the right spots with consistency before claiming that you failed in your efforts. In this article, we are briefly going to cover strategies that would help you to ensure the long-term success of your startup business. 

Learn and stay updated with business insights.

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This is such a precious day that just by the thought of it, it calms our nerves and fills our heart with gratitude for all the good in life. Grateful heart gives no resistance to the natural flow of grace and wonderful blessings. Gratitude is heaven in itself. Thanksgiving is a day to truly feel grateful for all the precious things and people that we all are blessed with. Gratitude is such a divine virtue that no other divine virtue could exist without it.

History of Thanksgiving dates back to 1621, when the pilgrims’ first corn harvest proved victorious. During that time with spirit of gratitude, the governor organized a celebratory feast. Every year, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the last Thursday of November from 1863 when the prevailing president declared it. This year’s Thanksgiving Day is on November 26.

This annual holiday of Thanksgiving gives us an opportunity to Read the rest


In her late 20s, Daria Halchack managed to found her own company, Gipnetix PTE. LTD., in the middle of a global pandemic. Gipnetix is ​​an online learning platform that will bring your personal and corporate brand development to new heights. The platform also helps social media marketing specialists advance in their careers and improve the performance of their ads. Business owners can benefit from the knowledge available on Gipnetix as well. 

Prior to launching her own business, Daria already was an influencer with over 200k followers on Instagram. Despite her now devoting most of her time to running her business, we’ve managed to talk to her and ask more about her success story as well as advice for today’s influencers and starting entrepreneurs. Daria’s story is a perfect illustration of the power of smart business planning and implementation.

At what point you’ve started thinking about creating Gipnetix? Did someone Read the rest


(11-16-2020, Shanghai) On November 14, 2020, USI (SSE: 601231) held a groundbreaking ceremony for its Vietnam Facility in Dinh Vu Industrial Zone (“DVIZ”) located in Hai An District, Haiphong City, Vietnam. City officials including Nguyen Duc Tho, Municipal Party Committee Member and Vice Chairman of Haiphong City People’s Committee, Nguyen Tong Quan, Deputy Chief of Office of Haiphong City People’s Council, Le Trung Kien, Member of the Standing Committee, Haiphong City Party Committee and Head of Haiphong Economic Zone Authority, Bui Ngoc Hai, Deputy Head of Haiphong Economic Zone Authority, Bruno Johan O. Jaspaert, General Director of Dinh Vu Industrial Zone Joint Stock Company, attended the ceremony to witness the facility’s milestone moment.

On December 12, 2019, USI’s board of directors approved an investment for a manufacturing facility to be set up in Vietnam and, established the Universal Scientific Industrial Company Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary, for that purpose. With a … Read the rest


Data Replication Benefits for Businesses with Many Databases

Data replication software consolidates and shares data between many locations to boost the availability, accessibility, and efficiency of informational assets. In the process, each system is bolstered with resilience and reliability as mistakes from manual duplication are cut and resources saved. And, beyond that, there are many more benefits to data replication, but they sometimes require incredible investment when done in-house. However, when you use data replication software like the Rapidi Replicator, you’re set to enjoy the full, fast benefits of more integrated data.

Currently, with a series of databases siloed, you may experience data entry errors, difficulty in accessing information, and losing chances to gain the most insight possible from your sources of truth. Sometimes in developing data replication, organizations will turn to their in-house IT and technical teams. When they do, many don’t realize these data replications can often Read the rest


Efficient customer support is the backbone of any business. Today, when all the companies are going online, a customer support team’s requirement is even more.

Though the online services offer convenience to the customers, the customers miss the tangible or visible customer service. Hence, most customers prefer to have an online service with a good or reliable customer support team. 

Let’s start with basics. Every popular website and mobile app are including numerous features like one-click call, live chat, email, call back etc. You can choose them all, or only required for your business one. But all of them should have a live person behind. It’s easy to find the team for the app development, moreover when you can rely on the details shared in the article on how  to create a shopping app from RiseApps. But it’s hard to get the live person with needed skills behind. 

Thus, while Read the rest