November 29, 2020

Strategy Management

The success rate of the vaccine developed by US drugmaker Pfizer and German partner BioNTech was far higher than what regulators had said would have been acceptable. Experts said it was a significant achievement in the race to end the pandemic. Image via REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo

Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech could secure emergency US and European authorization for their COVID-19 vaccine next month after final trial results showed it had a 95% success rate and no serious side effects, the drugmakers said on Wednesday.

The vaccine’s efficacy was found to be consistent across different ages and ethnicities—a promising sign given the disease has disproportionately hurt the elderly and certain groups including Black people.

The US Food and Drug Administration could grant emergency-use by the middle of December, BioNTech Chief Executive Ugur Sahin told Reuters TV. Conditional approval in the European Union could be secured in the second half of December, Read the rest


Shoppers are stocking up on festive groceries earlier than ever, with Asda yesterday reporting a surge in frozen turkeys and “lockdown-proof” items alongside a slowdown in quarterly sales.

The supermarket chain said that sales of Christmas trees had increased by 83 per cent, festive lights by 57 per cent, Christmas puddings by 71 per cent and mince pies by 44 per cent, compared with the third quarter of last year.

In a sign that families are preparing for smaller gatherings as social distancing restrictions may remain in place, sales of frozen turkey crowns, which serve three to four people rather than larger families, have increased by 230 per cent.

“After a rollercoaster year, it’s clear our customers are already planning for a very different Christmas,” Roger Burnley, 54, chief executive of Asda, said. “We have already seen a marked shift in buying patterns, with customers stocking up their freezers and … Read the rest


Technology is evolving at a rapid pace – even from what it was a year ago.

As a marketer or business owner who is reliant on having solid marketing strategies in place to reach your target audience and connect with them in a way that makes them feel valued and understood, it’s important that you’re able to keep up the pace.

People are more savvy to marketing than they’ve ever been, and they’re looking to feel like the only person you’re talking to. They want a fully personalised, integrated and seamless experience.

One that shows you understand their lifestyle, their needs and their desires.

So, if you’re looking to improve your omnichannel customer experience, then here are a few inside tips to help you get started:

Create A Personal Omnichannel Customer Experience

Your customers want to feel special and valued. Even though they logically understand that they’re not your only … Read the rest


Meet the winner of this year’s recognition — The Game-Changing CFO

Anyone who has ever worked in a company with a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) might have the perception that the CFO is cold, distant, and kalaban ng lahat (everyone’s enemy). They not only monitor the books; they also screen what gets charged into them. They get stereotyped because this perception is shared among people in different organizations.

But Mylene Kasiban — CFO of Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc. (RRHI) and the 2020 ING-FINEX CFO of the Year awardee — not only breaks this stereotype, she also breaks the glass ceiling.

A win for Robinsons Retail

“Being in a company with the Gokongwei Group is inspiring and it’s always energizing,” Mylene begins when we ask how she is, post-typhoon Rolly. “I just got off a Gokongwei Group Conversations video with Lance, and it’s all about entrepreneurship and stewardship. I’m feeling good. Read the rest


Amazon customers are being urged to shop for their Christmas presents early in an effort to avoid shipping delays amid the festive period.

The retailing giant, which is valued at $1.5 trillion, has asked consumers to order early as coronavirus restrictions force more shoppers to purchase their presents online.

It comes after the online giant employed nearly 250,000 staff at its warehouses and added an extra 100,000 temporary staff to its workforce to help its Christmas operation this year.

Brian Olsavsky, Amazon’s finance chief, explained that the retailer would be ‘stretched’ this year and it would be ‘advantageous to the customer and probably to the companies’ for orders to be put in early, Bloomberg reported.

He said: ‘We’ll all be stretched and it’s advantageous to the customer and probably to the companies for people to order early this year.’

Amazon began offering its Christmas deals in mid-October and also extended … Read the rest


Digital transformation is fundamental to remain competitive. To be able to use new technologies – just like IoT and Artificial Intelligence, companies recognize the value of innovation. Innovating means being ready to respond to changes in the market, to the needs of their customers. It means becoming nimble, reactive, and even dynamic towards new trends. One of the leading trends in the cloud transformation. The cloud is essential to bring innovations that would be too costly to develop completely by their own means. The utilization of Cloud services to assist Core processes for the company’s business is undoubtedly a paramount element. With a decade of encounter in managing all major international application platforms with an end-to-end approach, Wiit today is the company with the largest number of SAP certifications for outsourcing Operations services in the world.

A Strong Specialization in Outsourcing

Wiit has been founded with the intent of providing … Read the rest


Online conferencing provides new opportunities to broaden conversations and invite more inclusive feedback.

Many professionals, including academics, are accustomed to flying a lot. Or they were before COVID-19 drastically reduced air travel and disrupted conference plans globally. For now, the mingling of many people in hotel conference rooms, flown in from many places, isn’t an option.

Conferences are increasingly being organized online. What this should look like and what changes it implies for the nature of professional networks and knowledge-sharing remains to be seen.

But smart design choices can translate into significant gains in the sustainability, accessibility, and the insights people can gain from conferences in the COVID-19 era and beyond.

Online conferencing provides new opportunities to broaden conversations and invite more inclusive feedback. 

Being and working together, particularly in smaller workshop settings, is an invaluable way to generate new ideas and connections in many fields and professional settings. But Read the rest


As we approach the end of an unpredictable and tough year for businesses, a new report has found that two-thirds of UK SMEs feel more prepared for the current national lockdown than they did for the first lockdown in March.

The top reasons given for this outlook are mental preparation, the changes they’ve made to their business to make it more resilient, and the Government support in place.

Across the UK, many SMEs are also turning to e-commerce as a way of recapturing some of the opportunities they’ve missed out on, with just under half increasing their online presence since March 2020 – with website improvements, putting services online and social media advertising cited as the measures which have had the most positive impact.  Half of business owners also reported investing in improving digital skills, either for themselves or their staff.

Barclaycard Payments data show that small businesses are being … Read the rest


Everybody wants to see their business grow and achieve its goals. But it’s not unusual for business owners to feel stuck at times. When this happens, you may need to find ways to re-energize and grow your business.

You want your business to grow and expand but taking your small business to the next level requires a lot of work. Making sure it’s profitable and helping it survive through the tough times are just few of the worries you’ve to think about.

So, if you’re ready for the next step, here are 6 best ways to take your business to the next level.

Reach customers in whichever way they prefer

We’ve seen a lot of physical stores go out of business in this pandemic, don’t let it be yours. If you are a retailer with no online presence, it’s impossible to compete with others, so consider setting up an online … Read the rest


SM Investments Corp., the owner of the Philippines’ largest mall operator, is speeding up efforts to develop “omni-channel” options for shoppers as people shift to a mix of online and in-store purchases amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The group is tapping personal shoppers, ramping up delivery and pick-up services, and boosting its online presence, said Steven Tan, president of SM Prime’s mall unit. Last month, the group started operating a virtual mall for Manila residents, which it plans to roll out nationwide soon, he said.

“You have to be present in all channels,” Mr. Tan, 51, said in a virtual interview on Friday. “Retail is all about listening to your customers and moving so fast,” said Mr. Tan.

The group founded by the late Filipino billionaire Henry Sy is adopting the “omni-channel” retailing approach seen in China, where people shop both online and at malls, he said. Although malls need to Read the rest