December 4, 2020


If you are looking to use commercial banking you have properly got a new business or an existing business that needs funding of some sort or another. The Catholic Church offered a moral theology that prescribed thoughts and actions for every minute aspect of human life. The Church of Rome was a repository of certitudes, homogeneity, and a unified worldview that appealed to intellectuals in England and on the Continent who were tired of splitting theological hairs until there was nothing left of the Christian Faith. God did use many writers because the focus is not to glorify the writers but the message itself. I disagree about “editing.” There is very little difference between ancient and new versions of Scripture. No one in olden times in particular had the temerity to edit God’s Word. The Bible was widely used within 50 years of the death of Christ in written form … Read the rest

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Social entrepreneurship is a recent term defined as combining entrepreneurial skills with social responsibility. People become stressed from not having a “relief valve” system in their corporate structure, no matter how much they enjoy their work. Corporate tai chi offers this relief. Daily, there are studies citing how stress at work is directly related to revenue stream and how employees function at a higher level without it. So one could conclude that less is more. Less stress, better health and on-task focus. Better health, less sick time. More time on task, more productivity. Better focus, higher task completion. More productivity, more profit. Business networking is a marketing method, which is as old as business itself. It’s been around since ever since people learned to hold a glass of whiskey and schmooze. In fact, its probably been around a lot longer, Cro-Magnon man probably gathered around the newly discovered fire and … Read the rest