November 24, 2020


During these times of the credit crunch, you are unlikely to find a business credit card with no limit! Defined by the Investopedia team as a written document describing how a business will achieve its goals, a business plan lays the groundwork for you as you go from fledgling startup to thriving insurance agency. Industry experts call this ” a rising tide that can’t be denied” Investors are rushing to get on board, both with LTCs, where long waiting lists and government funding ensure steady income, and with retirement living—where hospitality services (housekeeping, laundry, meals) and private-pay health-care services can drive rents as high as $7,000 a month. We have a problem in this country in that (to use an old analogy) the health care pie is only so big. You can’t serve more people, more pie (benefits) without the slices getting smaller (rationing). To make ends meet, you bake … Read the rest