November 28, 2020


Guaranteed to encourage and inspire, these popular posts on entrepreneurship and leadership are absolute must-reads. I tried to find a simple chart but could not because I know from personal experience that your numbers are not even correct. Absolutely no one making $9000 a year pays one dime in taxes. In fact, if they are HOH they get PAID by the Government with the Earned Income Tax Credit. If you really knew about economics the way you claim, you would be well aware of this fact. As the Earned Income Tax Credit was created in 1975, a move Reagan testified before Congress in favor of, your figures for 1988 are an outright lie. If case, you are interested, here are more titles with over 1,000 Google entry occurrences that did not make the top 101 list. They include group health professional, ins specialist, insurance marketing representative, health insurance adviser, ins … Read the rest