December 4, 2020


Many, if not most, small businesses will experience financing problems at some point during their life. Suppose Company A reports revenue of $300,000 and incurs explicit costs of $50,000. The accounting profit in this case is $300,000 – $50,000 = $250,000. Problem: Son lost coverage when medical bills topped $1 million lifetime limit. The above, policy strategy unfortunately has led to the continuous negligence on the part of the government, scholars and business operators in these countries to considering other vital factors like entrepreneurial competency which equally contributes to successful entrepreneurship, business success and national development. To encourage Filipinos to save, the government has approved the increase of the maximum deposit insurance coverage to 500,000 pesos or about $10,000. This may not be much in a developed country, but here, it is a very significant amount (you can build a house with this amount or buy a 300-square meter lot … Read the rest