November 30, 2020


Every business needs a way to take in money. On a recent episode of Game-Changing Conversations , guests revealed that the circular economy doesn’t only provide businesses with a more sustainable approach to production, it offers an opportunity to increase profitability. A: While we’re not limited to just plastic business card printing, we cannot legally print any design that looks like an ID card, credit card or bank card. Other types of custom plastic cards (like loyalty or membership cards) are fine. The legalities of the business of mammon in the name of religion are done under the guise of what is called church. Terms such as bonuses and retirement plans that are given to the benefactors are concealed in more benevolent terms not to arouse the suspicions of the ‘faithful givers.’ After all, the ‘non-profit’ for profit would not exist without the gullible, honest, good and loving people who … Read the rest