February 26, 2021


There are many difficulties facing a small business and many of them are inter-lined. For families and employers, a national insurance exchange offering private plans and a new nationwide public plan would enhance choice. The public plan option—with premiums at least 20 percent lower than currently charged by private fee-for-service plans for comparable benefits, especially in small group markets—would challenge private insurers to innovate and reduce administrative costs. The exchange and reforms could lower administrative costs for all plans. The Commission notes the goal would be to achieve a balance in which public and private plans compete with market rules that stimulate innovation and outcomes in the public interest. Sagittarius 2012— Welcome to the HubPages Community. Thank you for taking the time to read my article. I appreciate your discerning comments and keen questions. Type in the name: Tom DeWeese on Agenda 21 for all the information to start your … Read the rest