November 29, 2020


If you are in the search for a good freelancer, but you do not know how to get to one, our old pal, internet has the solution. Health Republic Insurance of New York was one of 23 nonprofit health cooperatives created nationwide by the Affordable Care Act and was, by far, the largest of those to fail. The companies, backed with $2.4 billion in taxpayer-financed loans, were supposed to be lower-cost, consumer-friendly alternative to the private, for-profit insurers that dominate the marketplace. The idea of a one-world government—as a way to lasting peace—is viewed by some as the next great advance of civilization. But in the world today, wealthy and powerful nations are the object of envy and hatred from poor nations. An international government of Socialism would feel it had a duty to redistribute the world’s wealth from those who have earned it to those who have not, in … Read the rest