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Ultraviolet air disinfection-99% of people don’t know how terrible the hospital is!

2019-4-8 8,495


When people focus on the serious harm of PM2.5, we ignore that the crowded medical environment is the number one threat to indoor air pollution. According to incomplete statistics, in my country, the incidence of nosocomial infections in large domestic teaching hospitals is about 10.85%.
Ruilang provides professional air purification solutions to reduce the risk of hospitalization and protect the health of medical staff and patients.

RENOWNUV air purification project background

The Sixth People’s Hospital of Chongqing (also known as Chongqing Occupational Disease Prevention and Treatment Hospital) was founded in 1978. The hospital covers an area of about 12,000 square meters, has an approved number of 120 beds, and has actually opened 200 beds. The hospital currently has more than 220 employees, 17 of whom have the title of associate professor or above, and a total of 176 professional and technical personnel.



In this expansion, in response to the requirements of “WS/T 368-2012 Hospital Air Purification Management Regulations”, the hospital’s air conditioning and ventilation systems were strengthened and sanitary management was implemented. The core indicators of purification are: the total number of bacterial colonies in the air in the non-clean operating department (room), non-clean bone marrow transplant ward, delivery room, catheterization room, neonatal room, organ transplant ward, burn ward, intensive care unit, and blood disease ward ≤ 4CFU/(15min, 9cm diameter plate)


Analysis of hospital status

1. The distribution of departments is complex, with large and small functional areas alternate;

2. The structure of the hospital is not easy to change, the space order requirements are high, and the sterilization equipment does not cause interference to medical staff and patients;

3. The hospital has a large flow of people, and is easy to carry various disease sources, easy to cross infection, and has a high demand for sterilization intensity;

4. The hospital environment has high requirements for the continuous operation of the equipment, and requires low operating energy consumption and extremely simple maintenance.




1. Regarding the layout of the original central air duct in the hospital, Ruilang recommends the use of a straight tube type multi-plug UV purifier. Through air duct simulation calculations, the optimal solution is provided, which reduces equipment usage by 40% compared to traditional design models. Significantly reduce equipment and maintenance costs.



2. The equipment is easy to install, does not change the building structure, and will not affect the normal operation of the hospital. It only needs to be installed on the side of the air duct. The overall installation took less than 2 hours.



3. The equipment adopts the imported ultraviolet lamps imported from the United States. Its working time is more than 9000h. Based on 8 hours of daily use, each equipment can be used for more than 3 years, and the daily power consumption is only 1.2 kWh. The use cost is extremely low. The ballast is researched and developed for the company and meets CE certification standards.

4. Simple maintenance, based on electrical model design, equipment failure rate is less than 0.5%, and equipment working status is clear at a glance.

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