AUF Series

AUF Series

With pole type module structures, can be installed in the pipeline systems of air mixing box, heat exchanger, drip tray, etc. Can dynamically disinfect the air in the air duct, or sterilize the surface of heat exchanger or heat exchange coil.

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Strong Sterilization Ability

UV sterilization is to destroy and change the DNA structure of microorganisms through UV radiation. Bacteria will die immediately or can not reproduce the offspring, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

This product adopts new generation of UVCPTM ( Ultraviolet C Purification) technology to sterilize air flow in air duct. The product uses high quality, long life, and high intensity UVC lamp. Lamp life is ≥9000 hours. UVC output is stable, about 95% of UV energy output is with 253.7nm wavelength, which can effectively kill all kinds of pathogenic microorganisms.

Rigorous and extensive verification

With extensive industry service experience and more than 20 professional scientific research teams, we guarantee that every product delivered has great quality and functional performance. And make sure you can focus on production and R&D

*Material & specification are subject to change without prior notice in accordance with our continuous technical innovations. Featured machines in photos may include additional equipment.
1.The product adopts shelving module combination mode. It can be installed in air mixing box, heat exchanger, drip tray and piping system for dynamic disinfection of airflow in air duct, and surface irradiation disinfection on filters and heat exchanger coils. 2.The product equips with intelligent monitoring system to fully monitor core components’ running state, working life, switch mode and remote operation. 3.Use high-performance anti-interference electronic ballast. Work stable and reliable. 4.Completely closed product structure design. Equipped with flexible sealing strip to ensure no air leakage on docking surface, and no UV light leakage. Absolute safe. 5. New generation of Nano photocatalyst air purification and disinfection device is optional. It has significant purification effect to odor and organic pollutants. 6. Lamps are arranged according to installation cavity’s irradiation surface. The fixing bracket is specially designed to ensure convenient installation and disassembly.

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